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SK3000 Snack & Bottled Drink Machine

SK3000 Snack & Bottled Drink Machine


The SK3000 machine is the latest addition to the compact range of combo machines at CoreVend.

Whilst retaining the unique compact design, the machine now combines snack and bottled drinks in the one machine.


Key Benefits

- Easy loading of stock - shelves tilt and cover lifts off for ease of access

- Space saving machine with new compact design

- Refrigerated machine ensures cool, refreshing drinks whatever the weather. Thermostat controlled and fully adjustable.

- Wide and varied capacity

- Ability to dispense a choice of 12 different snack foods and 5 different soft drinks.

- Capacity - 32 Crisps/100 Chocolate Bars and up to 80 Drinks

- Configuration (as standard)


- Top Shelf (Crisps) 8/8/8/8
- Second Shelf (Bars) 11/11/1111/14/14/14/14
- Drinks (Bottles) 16/16/16/16/16
- Total Capacity - 32 Crisps/100 Chocolate Bars/ 80 Bottles

- Multi Currency Coin Acceptor (E.g. Euro Sterling) with the option to set individual prices for each product

- Full change giving facility

- Lifetime Technical Support on ALL machines

- Dimensions - 1400mm (H) x 800mm (W) x 710mm (D)

- SK3000 Brochure SK3000 Technical Manual

For further information on the SK3000 Machine, please click HERE and fill in your details.