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CPACS Access Control System


The CPACS Car Park Access Control System is a revolution in the access control market.

Designed and manufactured in house, the CPACS system allows control of entry and exit without the need for any wires, radiowaves or linkage in anyway.

The system works purely on a coded ticket whose number is inputed into the receiving terminal to allow for access/operation.

The CPACS system consists of an Issuing Terminal which produces a Unique Encrypted Coded Number in Numerical and Barcode format, either to be read off screen or printed on a receipt.  This code can then be inputted on the Receiving Terminal by inputting on a kepad or scanning of the barcode.  When this code is inputted - it is then decrypted by the Receiving Terminal and the criteria met are confirmned - a relay is pulsed.  This allows the operation to proceed - the barrier to be lifted, the door to be opened, the car wash to be activated etc.. 

The key benefit is that there is no physical communication required between the Issuing and Receiving Terminal.

All codes are time, date, site and product sensitive.

Once the code has been inputted, accepted and activated - the code is void.

Can be used in a multitude of situations - operating access control in car parks, doors - golf trolley dispensers - car wash systems, turnstiles etc..


Key Benefits

  • Codes issued in 4 or 8 Digit Format
  • Completely wirefree control between Issuing and Receiving Terminal
  • Adjustable Expiry Time on Codes - from 1 hour to 41 days
  • Optional Single Use/Multi Use
  • No ongoing fees - No Wifi/No Network/No RF or 3G Required
  • Audible Buzzer Indicator
  • 2 Line x 20 Character LCD Display
  • Full Audit - Cash, Tokens, Card & Transactions
  • Time/Date Stamp
  • Low Voltage 12-24 VDC operation
  • Choice of Issuing Terminal - Stand alone/Countertop or Cabinet Mounted with Payment System
  • Choice of Receiving Terminal - Stainless Steel Pedestal Post or Wall Mounted Enclosure
  • Complies with all EMC and Latest Directives


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CPACS Access Control Brochure