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GB1000 Gumball Machine

GB1000 Gumball Machine


This machine offers a reliable, rugged, all metal vending unit which delivers profits from a wide range of different products - sweets, gum, small toys, nuts etc..

Each machine is crowned by a shatter resistant globe for increased visability and security.


Key Benefits

- Simple to use, mechanically operated machine requires no power.

- Adjustable plate to increase/decrease the quantity of sweets delivered per vend.

- Can be used to dispense a variety of products from small sweets, to gum, toys etc..

- Durable lock system providing extra security.

- Wall mountable brackets/various colours /various price setting wheels available.

- Lifetime Technical Assistance on ALL machines

- Dimensions -394mm (H) x 203mm (W) x 229mm (D)

- GB1000 Brochure GB1000 Technical Manual

(Range of colours in stock - please confirm colour you require on ordering)

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