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SK1500 Slimline Snack Machine

SK1500 Slimline Snack Machine


The SK1500 Confectionery Machine operates on the spiral dispensing system. The machine itself is ideal for a variety of locations and offers a simple and affordable means of stocking and vending snacks on your premises.

All types of snacks can be vended, from bagged sweets, to chocolate bars and crisps with the glass frontage allowing customers to see exactly what they are getting prior to selection.


Key Benefits

- Fully electronic machine with an extremely small frontprint for even the smallest of sites - Suitable for all crisps, chocolate bars and bagged sweets

- Capacity - 84 Chocolate Bars (7 Selections) / 35 Crisps (5 Selections)

- Configuration - 12/12/12/12/12/12/12/7/7/7/7/7

- Individual price setting for each configuration

- Mains or battery operation

- Mains machines have now beautiful LED strip lighting to greatly improve customer awareness

- Live product display - see the actual products in front of you

- Accepts all coins - from 5c to €2

- Lifetime Technical Assistance on ALL machines

- Dimensions - 1800mm (H) x 660mm (W) x 215mm (D)

- SK1500 Brochure SK1500 Technical Manual

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