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SK3500 Snack & Canned Drinks Machine

SK3500 Snack & Can Combo Machine


The SK3500 Snack and Drinks machine offers greater versatility and turnover for locations previously thought to be unservicable.

This machine offers the full vending solution within one machine. The machine is cooled to the temperature of your choice for the ultimate in product freshness and customer satisfaction.

For ease of installation and delivery , the machine splits in two.

Key Benefits

- Fully electronically operated machines providing the complete snack machine in one location

- Attractive machine ideal for offices, schools, factories etc..

- Ability to dispense a choice of 20 different snack foods and 5 different soft drinks.

- Configuration - Top Shelf (Crisps) - 7/7/7/7/7
- Second Shelf (Crisps) - 7/7/7/7/7
- Bottom Shelf (Bars) - 9/9/12/12/12/12/12/12/9/9
- Total Capacity - 70 Crisps/108 Bars/210 Cans

- Tiltable trays for ease of loading

- Secure T handle locks prove strong theft deterrant

- Coin Acceptor with full chang giving facility

- Lifetime Technical Assistance on all machines

- Easy installation as machine can be split in two

- Live product display - see products in front of you

- Dimensions - 1770mm (H) x 790mm (W) x 630mm (D)

- SK3500 Brochure SK3500 Technical Manual

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