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TY1000 Toy Vending Machines - RoboBall

TY1000 Toy Vending Machines - RoboBall


These simple mechanical machines prove a huge hit with children of all ages, in a wide variety of locations. The machines can dispense a massive variety of stock at extremely attractive profit margins.

Key Benefits

- Fully mechanical machines can be set for coinage you require - €1 vend or €2 vend.

- All metal cabinet machine allow for increased security and attractiveness.

- Designed to dispense 45mm bouncy balls.

- Machine capacity of up to 400 balls.

- Bouncy Balls cost from 27c each!

- For ease of installlation and moving, machine comes with two rigid wheels and a secure metal handle.

- Wide variety of stock available with huge profit margins.

- Machine comes in a choice of colours and types - Slide or Spiral Vend/ Red, Yellow or Blue.

- Seperately locking cashbox with facility for added padlock to increase security.

- Lifetime Technical Assistance on ALL machines

- Dimensions - 1943mm (H) x 787mm (W) - 76.5" x 31"

- RoboBall Toy Vendors Brochure

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