Jazz Vending Machine

Jazz Vending Machine

Compiling all the user friendly features of the Snakky Max, but with updated aestetics and a fully flexible configuration.

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The upgraded replacement of the much popular Snakky Max machine.

Compiling all the user friendly features of the Snakky Max, but with updated aesthetics and a fully flexible configuration.

Truly brilliant combination vending machine which is a winner for all small to medium sites.


– Fully glass fronted, allowing customers to see products before they buy.

– Long life LED lighting with Silver/Black cabinet is excellent addition to any workplace.

– All trays can be reconfigured to allow machine to be set for whatever particular requirements the site has.  Machine can be adjusted dependent on what products you wish – travel adaptors, shampoo, USB drives, stationery, face masks, PPE etc.. – whatever product you have, we have the coils to suit

– Standard Configuration – 6 Trays

– Standard Capacity – 60 Crisps, 170 Chocolate and 72 Drinks

– SureVend beam means customers always receive product or coin returned – no more failed vends.

– Capacative numeric keyboard allows easy price setting, temperature setting, testing etc..

– Product bin features anti theft flap as standard

– No specialist delivery required as machine dimensions allows machine to fit through practically any door – machine width is just 29″.

– All machines come with full MDB Coin Mech Changegiver dispensing change/Optional Note Reader available

– Lifetime Technical Assistance on all machines

– Dimensions – 1830mm (H) x 740mm (W) x 860mm (D)

– Jazz Brochure  Jazz Technical Manual


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