Sales and Installations

Vending Machines - we offer a wide range of machines that dispense anything and everything at any time

Looking to buy a vending machine? We have the full range of machines, both new and fully refurbished, which can be configured to suit whatever product or situation you have.  We’ll guide you through the full process to get you up and running and making money!


If you are a business that is looking for a machine to keep your staff and customers fed and happy, then contact us and we can arrange a machine for you at no cost.

We couple with our customers throughout Ireland to arrange the most suitable machine for your premises so that you are happy.

Just contact us with and let us know where you are based and approximately how many staff there are and we will arrange a local operator to do the rest.

All free of charge!

Cashless Payment Solutions

Full Agent for Nayax – if you are looking to add a cashless payment option to your machine or have a situation where you want to take card – contact us and we’ll explain how to do the lot.

Nayax can be fitted to anything from vending machines, car washes, barriers, toilets, photo booths and so much more.

We would find out what you need, set up the devices and explain what settings the machine needs to be on.

You can either self-install or we can arrange a technician.

Access Control Solutions

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