Maintenance and Repair

Vending Machine Maintenance

Providing a comprehensive back up on all our machines is a vital part of CoreVend’s customer service. 

Should your machine require updating, repair or refurbishment, then you have come to the right place.

We can pretty much repair any machines on the market.

If you got a machine from another supplier or found one in your shed – contact us and let us know what you need – we’ll get you back up and running.

We can repair or re-programme and upgrade most machines on the market

Circuit Boards

If you need a control board for your vending machine or if it needs to be updated to accept cashless, then we have everything in stock. We can update the software on your board, so you simply pop it in the machine and you are ready to go.

Coin Mechanisms

Cashflow, Global, NRI – no matter what the coin mechanism or changegiver that you have – we can reprogram and service it, so it’s back accepting coins.

Note Readers

Full range of note readers are available – updated to the latest note set – helping you to eliminate forgeries and dud notes.

Contactless / Cashless

With most card readers we can remotely update your card reader or tweaking the settings if there are any issues. All in a matter of moments. If it requires a bit more TLC, then drop them in and one of our technicians will go through your reader and diagnose the issue.

We have coils, motors, trays, buckets – from hundreds of different manufacturers – no matter what you are missing – let us know and we can dispatch same day or we can arrange to get one of the technicians out and get your machine working once again.