San02 Mechanical Washroom Machine

San02 Mechanical Washroom Machine

Our most popular washroom machine due to its low cost and simple operation

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Our most popular washroom machine due to its low cost and simple operation, the San-02 Mechanically operated vending machines are the ideal choice for a business wishing to avail of the ‘low cost – low hassle’ approach.


– Simple pull drawer patented mechanism.

– Slim, compact case fits in even the smallest of washrooms.

– Fully mechanical machines, therefore requires no power supply and no batteries, which reduces cost and installation issues.

– Low maintenance – High reliability machine

– Both columns can operate separate products vending at separate prices.

– User adjustable price/coin setting.

– Individual coin refund capability per column.

– Can take a wide range of products from condoms to gum.

– New A4 advertisement panel can be designed to display a range of adverts representing your company/premises/product etc..

– High security screw in RPT lock with high grade Zintec wrap around cover (Stainless Steel also available)

– Lifetime Technical Assistance on all machines.

– Dimensions – 920mm (H) x 300mm (W) x 165mm (D)

– San02 Brochure  San02 Technical Manual

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