Vape Junior

Vape Junior

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–              Wall Mount Version : 100cm (H) 40cm (W) 30cm (D)

–              Floor Mount Version : 130cm (H) 40cm (W) 30cm (D)

–              Six Individual Selections

–              Individual Motor Drive

–              Individual Selections

–              Powder Coated Steel Cabinet

–              SureVend System – No Vend – No Charge

–              Capacity of 30 Vape Products per selection (based on a 25mm Deep Vape) Max 180 Vapes

–              Capacity of 50 Vape Products per selection (Based on a 15mm Deep Vape) Max 300 Vapes

–              Live LED Light Product Display

–              Cashless Only Operation – No Cash Risk

–              Single 3 Point Secure Locking Mechanism

–              Low Voltage Operation via step down power supply

–              Product Sold Out Alerts

–              Locally Made and Manufactured by CoreVend Ltd

–              Modular Design and Construction. Parts easily replaced.

–              Advertising Panel

–              Full Telemetry and Remote Access to Audit/Sales Figures

                                -Individual Product Sales

                                -Customisable Alerts via sms or email

                                -Total Cashless Sales

                                -Choice of weekly, fortnightly and monthly funds replenishment.

                                -Full Fault Analysis


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