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Cigarette Lighter Machine

Cigarette Lighter Vending Machines


Providing an excellent accompaniment to the Traditional Cigarette Vending Machine, these lighter machines are made to a traditional wooden finish designed to suit a variety of pub/hotel finishes.

Key Benefits

- Patented pull drawer mechanism to vend loose cigarette lighters has proven reliability.

- All machines can be adapted to take the full range of cigarette lighters on the market.

- Wall mounted machine takes up the minimum of space.

- Can be set to take Euro or Sterling.

- Fully mechanical machine, therefore requires no power supply or battery packs.

- Proudly manufactured in Ireland with Lifetime Technical Assistance on ALL machines.

- Product window allows customer to view product prior to purchase.

- Attractive wooden finish (Oak/Mahogany) on machines proves match to fittings in practically all premises.

- Machine capacity is between 30-45 (Dependent on lighter type)

- Cigarette Lighters to suit now available.

- Dimensions - 800mm (H) x 190mm (W) x 180mm (D)

- Machines are fully compliant with recent Tobacco Legislation. Further information on this, can be found HERE with the different options for the cigarette machines explained.

- Cigarette Lighter Machines Brochure Cigarette Lighter Machines Technical Manual

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