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Magma Cigarette Vending Machines

Magma Cigarette Vending Machines


Cigarette Vending Machines have been the mainstay of CoreVend (formerly Harrington Vending) since the companies inception in 1969.

Our new and fully updated version of cigarette machines offers increased capacity and are packed with a host of user friendly features.

Key Benefits

- Fully electronically operated machines are extremely simple to operate and use.

- All metal cabinet for increased security. Cabinet can be wood clad (as shown below) in a variety of finishes to suit particular location.

- Multi Currency Coin Acceptor (Euro/Sterling) with ability to set individual prices for each product.

- Optional Note Reader - Can be easily fitted in an instant.

- Machine comes in a choice of selections - 6 or 8 selections (Slim) or 10/12 or 16 selection (Maxi) machines

- Greatly increased capacity within the machine - up to 40 packs per column.

- Fully compliant with Government Cigarette Legislation. Further information on this, can be found HERE with the different options for the cigarette machines explained.

Token Access Feature or RF Remote Control
(Which allows restriction of machine use until authorised by staff E.G, Staff dispense token or press remote control to activate coin entry once 18+ IS has been checked)

- Reinforced Multi Point Locking System provides a sturdy and secure mechanism.

- Long lasting LED strip light for increased efficency.

- Updated test mode automatically clears errors.

- Improved ease of access to circuit board to allow for programming/ audit totals.

- Lifetime Technical Assistance on ALL machines

- Dimensions - 6,8 or 10 Selection Machine - 1510mm(h) x 490mm(w) x 295mm(d)

- Cigarette Machines Brochure Cigarette Machines Technical Manual

For further information on the Cigarette Vending range of machines, please click HERE and fill in your details