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TY2000 Toy Vending Machines - Capsule Vendors

TY2000 Toy Vending Machines - Capsule Vendors


These attention grabbing machines are extremely popular in dispensing toys to suit all ages.

The machines whilst being sturdy and secure have the portability if required to be taken in and out of a shop as required.

Key Benefits

- Fully mechanical machines can be set for coinage you require - €1 vend or €2 vend.

- All metal cabinet machine allow for increased security and attractiveness.

- Designed to dispense 93mm capsules with a wide variety of products.

- Machine capacity of up to 190 capsules.

- Capsules cost from 55c each

- For ease of installlation and moving, machine comes with two rigid wheels and a secure metal handle.

- Wide variety of stock available with huge profit margins.

- Machine comes in a choice of colours and types - click on the Contact Us page for more.

- Seperately locking cashbox with facility for added padlock to increase security.

- Lifetime Technical Assistance on ALL machines

- Dimensions - 1450mm (H) x 590mm (W)

- Capsule Toy Vendors Brochure

For further information on the Toy Vending Machines, please click HERE and fill in your details