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Cigarette Tokens (Bag of 500)

In order to comply with Office of Tobacco Control Legislation all cigarette machines must be operated by token.

Once programmed the coin mechanism will refuse coins until the token has been entered.

CoreVend Tokens - Bags of 500.

Price - €120 + VAT


Vending Boxes

These vending boxes can be used to dispense any non standard shaped product through any cigarette or washroom machine.  The boxes which are the same dimensions as a standard cigarette box, can be used to dispense anything from cigarette lighters, keys, washing tablets etc.. 

Box Dimensions are 86mm x 21mm x 55mm.

Boxes come in packs of 250 and include delivery within Ireland..  Boxes cost 24c + VAT ea. with free delivery.


Price - €60 + VAT for 250 Boxes



Vibrating Sex Ring (5 Pack)

Maximum pleasure for you and your partner. Pack contains 1 Single Use Battery Operated MiniStimulator which when placed on the base of the penis provides increased pleasure for both parties.

Vibrating Sex Rings are sold in packs of 5. Total of 5 SexRings.

Price - €15.00

Female Sanitary Products

Always Ultra Sanitary Towel (10 x 2 Pack)

Always Ultra Sanitary Towels have revolutionary double curved wings. They cover more of the sides of your underwear and flex better for amazing protection and excellent stay in place.

Always Ultra - Normal Plus in packs of 2. Total of 20 Always Ultra Sanitary Towels.

Price - €14.50

Dr. Whites Sanitary Towel (10 x 1 Pack)

Dr. Whites Sanitary Towels are a high quality absorbent towel with leakproof shield. Soft and Comfortable.

Dr.Whites Sanitary Towels. Total of 10 Dr. Whites Towels.

Price - €9.50

Tampax Sanitary Tampons (10 x 3 Pack)

Tampax Tampons are specially designed for easy insertion thanks to the silky smooth finish and rounded tip of the applicator. The tampon expands to fit the shape of your body and gives you the protection you would expect.

Tampax Tampons- Super in Packs of 3. Total of 30 Tampax Tampons.

Price - €16.50

Lillets Tampons (10 x 2 Pack)

Lillets Tampons gently expand widthways to fit your natural shape for total comfort and confidence. Lillets Tampons come in a Two pack - Regular.

Lillets Tampons - Packs of 2. Total of 20 Lillets Tampons.

Price - €9.50

Femsure Mixed Sanitary Pack (10 x 1 Towel/2 Tampon Pack)

Femsure Mixed Sanitary Pack contains one sanitary towel and two sanitary tampons per pack. Hygenically packaged, they provide the ideal comfort and security.

Femsure Mixed Sanitary Pack. Total of 10 Packs (10 Towels/20Tampons).

Price - €11.50


SMINT- Mints (10 Packs)

SMINTMints are the breath freshning mint that is good for your teeth. Containgin Xylitol, the sugar substitute with natural origins provides healthy teeth with fresh breath.

SMINTMints. Total of 10 Packs.

Price - €11.00


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